ema over 28 years
of experience

At ema’s, each talent is oriented according to its objectives and its potential towards the Quebec and international markets, which is why we aim to develop a personalized strategy in order to build a career that reflects everyone.

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It is also with passion that our teams of stylists, make-up artists, hairdressers, photographers, professional models and coordinators come to share their knowledge by offering “ema’s masterclasses” on beauty, fashion and health in general.

Ema’s runway show, which is themed on beauty in all its diversity, aptly describes the agency’s values. For 27 years, the event has taken place every year and has made it a point of honor to highlight new recruits as well as experienced models from the ema agency in order to create a feeling of belonging and mutual aid.

Located in Center-du-Quebec, ema recruits and represents clients from all major centers including Montreal, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières and Quebec.

The company relies on a professional and personalized approach; its main objective being to really know its talents and its customers in order to represent each one as best as possible.



Founder and Director of ema agency

Talking about Jacynthe or talking about the agency is almost the same thing since ema’s team and talents are her true family.

At the age of 17, Jacynthe was already managing a team of 20 employees in her father’s business who had been his mentor in management and entrepreneurship.

Her studies in communication and in teaching have brought out her interests for education and human beings and it was through her modeling experiences that she has also discovered a real passion for fashion.

Her vision was to found an agency that would be synonymous with high standards of excellence and humanity.

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Since 1993, the enterprise has prioritized values ​​which are listening, reliability, transparency and respect. As Jacynthe says: “At ema’s we are humans who take care of other humans. ”

Jacynthe is gifted to be able to recognize a talent and direct them to the right niches, whether fashion or figuration.

Rigor and professionalism are also part of the concepts she teaches, qualities that contribute to the recognition of ema agency in the community.

For Jacynthe, the word “trust” is important. Whether with her models or her clients.

Jacynthe is an active and committed woman. She starts each one of her days with jogging, yoga and meditation. Her lifestyle – vegan and zero waste committed – is geared towards respecting the environment.

Jacynthe photographed by DS Sanchez

Myriane photographed by DS Sanchez


Administrative Assistant

Myriane is in charge of the organization of events, customer service and “masterclasses” as well as booking and managing social networks and the Website.

She is currently completing a Business Management Diploma in order to join the agency full time.

She values family and efficiency and loves working for the agency, that is why she does everything she can to ensure the well-being of the team, models and students.

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Active, she is a former table tennis champion whose ability to keep calm under all circumstances is impressive. She is also a good listemer, organized and trustworthy and particularly stands out for her desire to learn new things.

Myriane has her own dance school where she teaches and organizes country evenings.



Michelle started at ema’s as a student in 1993. Today she is in charge of many roles including stylist, booker, runway coordinator and teacher.

Michelle is a determined, passionate, unifying person with an excellent sense of humor and, above all, very endearing.

Having studied Psychology for two years and graduated in Fashion Marketing, she held several important positions in the field:

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project manager in an advertising company, coach-window dresser across Quebec for Groupe Dynamite, assistant-manager in a big box store, representative for a hairdressing products company and now co-owner of a men’s clothing store.

Michelle photographed by DS Sanchez

Anne-Marie photographed by DS Sanchez



Anne-Marie has been working as a stylist for 10 years, while pursuing a career in modeling and figuration. Being a true lover of arts, architecture and travel, she loves design, both clothing and interior.

Anne-Marie plays many sports.  Contact with nature is essential to her.

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She is a calm person, a good listener, curious and always on the lookout for new trends. She also offers excellent support to the next members in addition to working on the coordination of the agency’s major productions.


Fashion Coordinator

Originally from El Salvador, Ronaldo studied Communication in a pre-university program.

He is in charge of teaching choreographies, how to walk, the posture and attitude to adopt during the runway shows as well as the ease on stage.

Ronaldo is very outgoing, positive, energetic and has a great team spirit. He is also very comfortable in front of an audience.

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His dance background (hip-hop, R. & B., contemporary, waacking and lady styling) is impressive. He has been a choreographer for regular groups and competitive troupes and has also gotten several professional contracts in dance and figuration on television.